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Multi-Stage Paint Correction/ 1992 Black Mercedes

We were recently asked if we could correct the black paint on this 1992 Mercedes without swirling the paint. The entire surface had severe etching in the clear coat, most notably on the horizontal panels such as the hood and the trunk lid where the etching was much deeper. We knew that this would be a very time consuming challenge because there would be a large amount of wet sanding involved which always requires additional steps in the buffing process as well in addition to having black paint. Black paint is usually on of our specialties, but this was going to be a serious test. After thoroughly hand washing the car, we clayed and prepped the paint. This is how the hood looked after washing and claying. The etches are clearly visible on the paint.We then measured the thickness of the paint to make sure that we would be able to wet sand without sanding through the clear coat and did a test run on a demo spot to determine the level of sanding that we felt was appropriate based on our f...

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Exotic Detailing

Detailing "Exotic" cars can present an entire new level of challenges. More often than not, these vehicles are designed and built very differently than a daily driver. We recently worked on this Ferrari Spyder. Although this vehicle is rarely driven and usually stays under a car cover, it still needed some attention. The paint was in overall good shape. It had some light to moderate marring and desperately needed to be clayed to remove surface contaminants that had built up over the years. The interior was also in pretty good shape as well. The leather on the dash and seats were not cracked or discolored, but it had been a while since they had been conditioned. The carpet was black and did not have any visible stains, but after cleaning a sample area, there was some light soiling. The wheels had some brake dust that had built up and the pipes had a thick layer of exhaust residue that stood out. The engine compartment was dusty and required some protection from the intense heat from op...

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Scratches and Paint Transfer

Author: Administrator | Date: 07/10/2012 | Category: Exterior Maintenance | Comments: 5

  Scratches and Paint Transfer    Does your vehicle have any mysterious blemishes on its paint? Scratches and "Paint Transfer" can often be difficult to tell apart. Paint transfer results when an object leaves a mark "on the paint" as opposed to "in the paint". One of the easiest and most reliable ways to tell the difference is to gently run a fingernail over the affected area. If the mark can be felt, it is most likely in the paint. This same technique can be used to gauge the depth of the scratch. Paint transfer is much easier to eliminate than a scratch.    Paint Transfer: We often have people ask us if we can use wax to remove a scratch and the answer is always a resounding "no". Most automotive waxes and polishes are formulated with advanced cleaners that cleanse painted surfaces as they are applied. In most cases, they will remove contamination such as paint transfer. Paint transfer comes in all shapes and colors. If your vehicle is white and you have a black mark on the pa...

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Black 2001 Jaguar XJR (after)

After washing and claying the entire vehicle to exfoliate the paint to prevent further damage, we polished the paint with a three stage paint correcting polish and a D/A polsher (D/A is a "Dual-Action" polisher as opposed to a "high speed" or "rotary" buffer).The polish completely eliminated the small scratches rather than temporarily hiding them like a wax or swirl remover would. We want true results rather than temporary results. This took several hours to complete, but once the surface was smooth and blemish free, we applied two coats of a durable paint sealant that forms an invisible sheild over the surface. Once the sealant had time to bond to the paints, surface, we appilied to two coats of a premium paste wax for additional protection as well as delivering a look that is unparalleled. The marring was gone and we were left with a deep shine. We wanted to make the flakes in  the paint stand out to add stronger depth and clarity. The trunk lid was retored to its original brill...

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Black 2001 Jaguar XJR (before)

Author: Administrator | Date: 04/01/2012 | Category: Detailing Journal | Comments: 1

We recently had one of our clients bring in her black 2001 Jaguar XJR that she has had and babied since it was new. The car was in good shape, but she wanted to prepare the car for the summer heat by doing some routine maintanence such as cleaning and treating the carpet, vinyl, and leather. As anyone that has ever owned a black car will tell you, black is not just a color, but a part time job. Black paint is beautiful when it is clean, but it does not hide dirt, debris, pollen, smudges, or marring very well. Marring is a term to describe blemishes in the paint that look like swirl marks that tend to appear over time especially on darker finishes. She wanted to eliminate the surface scratches and protect the paint to prevent future marring.  The marring was most noticable on the horizontal surfaces, such as the hood, roof, and trunk lid, but for its age, the paint was in good shape. Our client wanted to restore the paint to its original depth, brilliance, and optical clarity by elimi...

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How to Prevent and Eliminate "Swirls"

Author: Administrator | Date: 12/27/2011 | Category: Exterior Maintenance | Comments: 0

If you ever collected baseball cards and found a rare hologram of your favorite player, you were probably pretty excited about it. I know that I always was. However, I do not feel that same excitement when the paint on my favorite car looks like a hologram. These holograms or swirls can appear as a result from improper washing techniques as well as improper use of a rotary or high speed buffer. Improper washing will slowly form swirls because contaminants on the paint will be moved around during the washing process and will make small scratches that become more apparent over time. Improper use of a rotary tool could include using an over aggressive compound and/or buffing pad and not taking the necessary steps afterwards to eliminate the swirls caused during the process.   Prevention: Using claybar is the best way to prevent contanimants from building up on your vehicles' paint. Claying and waxing your paint in a few times a year will greatly reduce the negative side affect...

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What is Carnauba?

Author: Administrator | Date: 08/09/2011 | Category: General | Comments: 2

What is "Carnauba"? We are asked this almost daily and since we pride ourselves in the details, here is the detailed answer.   Carnauba is a wax that is pruduced by a species of palm tree found in Brazil called Copernicia prunifera, or "carnauba palm". This tree secrets the wax to repel moisture from the palms to the ground where it can then be absorbed by the roots in addition to protecting the plant from damaging heat and humiduty. Humans have derived the wax from the leaves by harvesting them, drying out the leaves and collecting the yellowish brown wax as it flakes off the leaves. Using heat and solvents, the wax is refined and used in food, pharmaceutical pill coating, hardwood floor coating, as well as high end automotive waxes.   In its natural form, carnauba is extremely hard. In order to make the substance more workable, car wax manufacturors blend the wax with oils, petrolium distillates, or naptha solvent, which is a kind of paint thinner. The wax will retain i...

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Is your paint protected?

Author: Administrator | Date: 08/04/2011 | Category: Exterior Maintenance | Comments: 2

We all know that snakes shed their skin, right? Your car will shed its clear coat and paint if it does not receive proper care. Here is a quick test to see if your car is protected. Spray some water on your car. Does the water bead up? If not then your clear coat is not protected and your paint could be in danger.    There are two ways to protect your vehicles paint and clear coat.   Carnauba Wax: The first option is carnauba wax. Carnauba wax is a natural protective agent produced from the leaves of a palm tree found in Brazil. Carnauba is great because it will enhance a cars paint surface with a rich, warm glow. In its natural environment, carnauba has a couple of different functions. It does repel water from the leaves so it can be absorbed by the roots of the plant as well as protecting the plant from heat and humidity. It serves the same purposes for paint with an added bonus of making the paint look like a deep reflective pool that shimmers under changing light...

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