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BMW M3 Ceramic Coating

Author: Administrator | Date: 01/18/2018 | Category: Detailing Journal | Comments: 0

We were recently contacted by an individual who had recently purchased a new car and wanted to protect the exterior. After explaining that the vehicle has black paint, the goal was to apply something that would add depth and gloss to the paint, provide the long lasting protection, and make regular maintenance washes easier and safer. After explaining the different options, we agreed on a ceramic coating. Ceramic Coatings are not a wax or a sealant. They are a unique protectant in that they leave behind a high silica-content barrier to protect paint from hazardous elements by not allowing contaminants to stick to the surface. Ceramic Coatings are hydrophobic, repelling water just like a wax or sealant, but unlike a wax or sealant Ceramic Coatings deliver 2-3 years of protection in addition to delivering insane amounts gloss that gives paint that "wet look." The results can speak for themselves.   ...

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Paint Protection Plan

This is a brand new 2013 BMW 335is. It is an amazing car and the best way to keep it looking brand new and amazing is by simply protecting it. The dealership generously offered to protect the paint for the small fee of $1600. Our client passed on their offer and instead went with our protection plan that covers the paint, leather, rubber, vinyl, and upholstery backed by a 5 year transferrable warranty for a fraction of the dealerships price. What are the differences between our plan and the dealerships plan? First, the preparation of the vehicle for this protective treatment makes the difference. Despite the fact that the vehicle has less than 100 miles on it, we do a full detail. Why? We want to be sure that the vehicle is 100% free of any dirt or debris. This means thoroughly cleaning the leather, rubber, and vinyl. Shampooing the carpets and mats. Washing, claying, and machine polishing the paint. This allows the protectants to properly do their job. Would you apply lotion to your...

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Black 2001 Jaguar XJR (after)

After washing and claying the entire vehicle to exfoliate the paint to prevent further damage, we polished the paint with a three stage paint correcting polish and a D/A polsher (D/A is a "Dual-Action" polisher as opposed to a "high speed" or "rotary" buffer).The polish completely eliminated the small scratches rather than temporarily hiding them like a wax or swirl remover would. We want true results rather than temporary results. This took several hours to complete, but once the surface was smooth and blemish free, we applied two coats of a durable paint sealant that forms an invisible sheild over the surface. Once the sealant had time to bond to the paints, surface, we appilied to two coats of a premium paste wax for additional protection as well as delivering a look that is unparalleled. The marring was gone and we were left with a deep shine. We wanted to make the flakes in  the paint stand out to add stronger depth and clarity. The trunk lid was retored to its original brill...

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Vinyl Protectants

Author: Administrator | Date: 10/02/2011 | Category: Interior Maintenance | Comments: 0

What do use to protect the dashboard in your vehicle? Armor-All has become a household name in vinyl care. I have heard many stories over the years from people claiming that Armor-All ruined their vinyl, but I have also met several people that will not use anything but Armor-All therefore, I prefer to look at the facts and use the product that gives you the preferred results.    Armor-All:  Armor-All uses water based silicone emulsions, UV inhibitors, and gloss enhancers in their vinyl protectant formula. Vinyl manufacturers agree that no silicone oil vinyl treatments should be used on vinyl for several reasons. Silicone oils attack the top coat on vinyl, they contain no effective UV screening agents, they are build up products that inhibit heat which will accelerate drying and eventually cracking the vinyl, and they are greasy and oily attracting dust and soiling. The UV inhibitors used in their formula may help reduce the risks, but why take the chance?   Water-Based Vin...

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