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BMW M3 Ceramic Coating

Author: Administrator | Date: 01/18/2018 | Category: Detailing Journal | Comments: 0

We were recently contacted by an individual who had recently purchased a new car and wanted to protect the exterior. After explaining that the vehicle has black paint, the goal was to apply something that would add depth and gloss to the paint, provide the long lasting protection, and make regular maintenance washes easier and safer. After explaining the different options, we agreed on a ceramic coating. Ceramic Coatings are not a wax or a sealant. They are a unique protectant in that they leave behind a high silica-content barrier to protect paint from hazardous elements by not allowing contaminants to stick to the surface. Ceramic Coatings are hydrophobic, repelling water just like a wax or sealant, but unlike a wax or sealant Ceramic Coatings deliver 2-3 years of protection in addition to delivering insane amounts gloss that gives paint that "wet look." The results can speak for themselves.   ...

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Multi-Stage Paint Correction/ 1992 Black Mercedes

We were recently asked if we could correct the black paint on this 1992 Mercedes without swirling the paint. The entire surface had severe etching in the clear coat, most notably on the horizontal panels such as the hood and the trunk lid where the etching was much deeper. We knew that this would be a very time consuming challenge because there would be a large amount of wet sanding involved which always requires additional steps in the buffing process as well in addition to having black paint. Black paint is usually on of our specialties, but this was going to be a serious test. After thoroughly hand washing the car, we clayed and prepped the paint. This is how the hood looked after washing and claying. The etches are clearly visible on the paint.We then measured the thickness of the paint to make sure that we would be able to wet sand without sanding through the clear coat and did a test run on a demo spot to determine the level of sanding that we felt was appropriate based on our f...

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