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Paint Protection Plan

Author: Administrator | Date: 12/17/2012 | Category: Detailing Journal | Comments: 3

This is a brand new 2013 BMW 335is. It is an amazing car and the best way to keep it looking brand new and amazing is by simply protecting it. The dealership generously offered to protect the paint for the small fee of $1600. Our client passed on their offer and instead went with our protection plan that covers the paint, leather, rubber, vinyl, and upholstery backed by a 5 year transferrable warranty for a fraction of the dealerships price. What are the differences between our plan and the dealerships plan? First, the preparation of the vehicle for this protective treatment makes the difference. Despite the fact that the vehicle has less than 100 miles on it, we do a full detail. Why? We want to be sure that the vehicle is 100% free of any dirt or debris. This means thoroughly cleaning the leather, rubber, and vinyl. Shampooing the carpets and mats. Washing, claying, and machine polishing the paint. This allows the protectants to properly do their job. Would you apply lotion to your skin after working out, or would you use it when you are clean? The biggest difference is in prepping the paint. Dealerships often will not polish or even clay bar the vehicle prior to applying a sealant. The car is new and despite sitting outside in the parking lot for weeks or months, a quick touch free wash works well enough for them. Since sealants chemically bond to the surface of the paint, any contaminants or debris must be removed for maximum protection and the best way to achieve that is by claying and polishing the paint after washing and prior to the sealants application. Another difference is that we want to protect the entire vehicle rather than just the interior or just the exterior. We do not want the leather to dry out or crack. We do not want the vinyl to discolor or fade. We do not want the upholstery to become stained or matted. We do not want the rubber to dry rot. Arguably the biggest difference can be found in the price. We do not need to charge dealerships prices because we do not want you to be buying our "brand". Why is a coffee mug twice as expensive at the dealership than it is at the retail store? It is because it has a logo on it. It does not work more effectively, or even fit into your cars cup holders any better. We advise people to keep their vehicles on a cleaning regiment in addition to the protection plans. This allows your vehicle to maintain its pristine condition for the miles ahead. We believe that it is better to be proactive rather than reactive. 
Eds BMW 
This specialized paint sealant utilizes advanced polymer technology working at a nano-spec level to deliver high gloss and maximum protection.

eds BMW2 
 The leather and vinyl protectants deliver a deep rich look that is dry to the touch and truly lasts.
eds BMW3 
The engine compartment also contains rubber and plastic parts so we protect them as well.

eds BMW4 
This is the condition that this vehicle will sustain for years to come.  


automobile carpet kits Posted: 01-18-2013
Do you do anything different than the dealership in terms of materials or method? Thanks.
East Ridge Car Wash Posted: 01-20-2013
Great question. We do use different materials than dealerships as they are backed by 5 year transferrable warranties and they cover more than just the paint. As for methods, that is more subjective. Many dealerships actually contract most of their detail work out to local shops. The most important part of the protection plan is in the prep work prior to product application. For any additional information please email us at info@eastridgecarwash.com. Thank you for reading.
Toronto Car Wash Posted: 02-20-2013
Your blog is written very well for the future. New technology are best for west village.

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