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Vinyl Protectants

Author: Administrator | Date: 10/02/2011 | Category: Interior Maintenance | Comments: 0

What do use to protect the dashboard in your vehicle? Armor-All has become a household name in vinyl care. I have heard many stories over the years from people claiming that Armor-All ruined their vinyl, but I have also met several people that will not use anything but Armor-All therefore, I prefer to look at the facts and use the product that gives you the preferred results. 



Armor-All uses water based silicone emulsions, UV inhibitors, and gloss enhancers in their vinyl protectant formula. Vinyl manufacturers agree that no silicone oil vinyl treatments should be used on vinyl for several reasons. Silicone oils attack the top coat on vinyl, they contain no effective UV screening agents, they are build up products that inhibit heat which will accelerate drying and eventually cracking the vinyl, and they are greasy and oily attracting dust and soiling. The UV inhibitors used in their formula may help reduce the risks, but why take the chance?


Water-Based Vinyl Protectants:

I will not use a product on a clients car that I would not use on my own. I prefer a vinyl protectant that is a truly water based, UV protectant, non-static, and provides a smooth dry finish. If I am operating a vehicle, I want to see where I am going. I do not want to stare at the sun as it reflects off my dash. If my windows are down, I do not want dust to stick to my greasy dash. I want to know that my vinyl is truly protected from UV light with no silicone fillers.



Vinyl manufacturers are different, as are vinyl protectants. Silicone is bad for your vinyl, as is UV light. Before using a  product on your vinyl, read the label to see if it contains any form of silicone. It may not be a bad idea to read the fine print of your vehicle warranty as well because using some after market products can void a warranty. A clean car drives better, but a protected car drives the best.

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