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Headlight Restoration

Author: Administrator | Date: 10/26/2011 | Category: Exterior Maintenance | Comments: 2

Headlight Restoration:

We are constantly being inundated with commercials for the newest trends in the car care industry. I have seen several commercials for headlight restoration kits that show a set of old faded headlights and in 30 seconds, they look brand new. You've seen the results in the commercial for yourself so why wouldn't it work? If watching somebody on television do it, isn't enough incentive to buy this product, order now and they will double your order for free! (just pay separate shipping and handling) After all, a new set of after-market headlights will cost upwards of $160+. If you read the reviews on these products from the people that ordered them, you can save yourself money, time, and headache. This is a very important safety issue as it directly affects your visibility when driving in addition to allowing other motorists to see you so what headlight restoration system actually works?


What causes headlights to yellow and fade over time? This can be a combination of things. UV light is a large factor, along with wear and tear from being on the road. Most of the newer headlights are made with plastic, which is much softer than the glass headlights used on older cars so they are impacted more by UV rays and debris. They fade over time because the softness increases vulnerability of the lens cover, allowing a film to develop over time. The only way to remove this film is by sanding. This usually requires a multi-stage sanding process, starting with a lower grit (more aggressive) sand paper and working your way to a finer sand paper. Once the film is removed, the plastic can them be cleaned and protected to prolong the life of the headlight. A good system will always deliver at least 97% clarity on headlights. 


Jaimey Andrew White Posted: 03-03-2012
As cars begin to age, one of the first places where wear and tear becomes visible is in the headlights. Because of their location on the vehicle, headlights take the brunt of any kicked up rocks, gravel, or anything else. These days, headlight restoration has become popular in Virginia Beach, where people are constantly trying to find new ways to increase the values of their cars without spending a fortune on repair and replacement costs.

headlight restoration
Crystal Clear Headlights Posted: 07-31-2012
What is seen on TV is not believable all the time. There may be camera tricks in there. I only know certain [products that really work good as a cleaner. IF the headlights need replacement, then it will never be cleaned but instead, replaced.

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