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What is Carnauba?

Author: Administrator | Date: 08/09/2011 | Category: General | Comments: 2

What is "Carnauba"? We are asked this almost daily and since we pride ourselves in the details, here is the detailed answer.   Carnauba is a wax that is pruduced by a species of palm tree found in Brazil called Copernicia prunifera, or "carnauba palm". This tree secrets the wax to repel moisture from the palms to the ground where it can then be absorbed by the roots in addition to protecting the plant from damaging heat and humiduty. Humans have derived the wax from the leaves by harvesting them, drying out the leaves and collecting the yellowish brown wax as it flakes off the leaves. Using heat and solvents, the wax is refined and used in food, pharmaceutical pill coating, hardwood floor coating, as well as high end automotive waxes.   In its natural form, carnauba is extremely hard. In order to make the substance more workable, car wax manufacturors blend the wax with oils, petrolium distillates, or naptha solvent, which is a kind of paint thinner. The wax will retain i...

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Is your paint protected?

Author: Administrator | Date: 08/04/2011 | Category: Exterior Maintenance | Comments: 2

We all know that snakes shed their skin, right? Your car will shed its clear coat and paint if it does not receive proper care. Here is a quick test to see if your car is protected. Spray some water on your car. Does the water bead up? If not then your clear coat is not protected and your paint could be in danger.    There are two ways to protect your vehicles paint and clear coat.   Carnauba Wax: The first option is carnauba wax. Carnauba wax is a natural protective agent produced from the leaves of a palm tree found in Brazil. Carnauba is great because it will enhance a cars paint surface with a rich, warm glow. In its natural environment, carnauba has a couple of different functions. It does repel water from the leaves so it can be absorbed by the roots of the plant as well as protecting the plant from heat and humidity. It serves the same purposes for paint with an added bonus of making the paint look like a deep reflective pool that shimmers under changing light...

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Unpleasant Odors

Author: Administrator | Date: 08/02/2011 | Category: Interior Maintenance | Comments: 0

What is the first thing that you notice when you get in someone else's car? Do you ever wonder what other people notice when they get into your car?   The first thing that I always notice is the smell. Odor is always amplified in the summer, especially when a car sits in the sun all day with the doors closed and the windows up. Every summer, I have clients that bring their cars in because there is some smell somewhere in their vehicle and they want it removed. Who wouldn't? The sources of most odors are usually pretty obvious so we will jump straight to the part on how to eliminate them. The first, and most cliche, way to get rid of an odor is to prevent it. Realistically though, there will probably be a time when you will eat in your car and a small part of your snack or meal will end up in between your seats and if unnoticed, it will stay there for a long time. Maybe you will take your dog to the park and if the dog doesn't get sick in the car, it will shed in the car....

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Do NOT Cut Corners

Author: Administrator | Date: 06/28/2011 | Category: Maintenance | Comments: 0

Sometimes it's ok to cut corners, like buying Bi-Lo brand peanut butter instead of Jiffy, but sometimes cutting corners can cost you a lot more in the long run.  For example, I've seen many people invest hundreds of dollars in top of the line tires, but they never balance and rotate them. In the end the tires wear out much faster and have to be replaced sooner than if they received the proper maintenance. The same is true for other parts of your car. Your car is an investment worth protecting. There will always be things that we cannot control, such as having a rock smash into the front your car and damage your paint. More commonly, if a bird poops on your car (especially if you have a darker car) and you don't wash it off in two weeks, consider your car permanently branded by your feathered friend.  Bugs splattered across the front of your bumper can also have the same effect. Many people don't realize that these everyday mishaps can have long lasting impacts on your car'...

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A little history on us:

Author: Administrator | Date: 06/20/2011 | Category: General | Comments: 0

We are a family business that has been in the car care industry for more than 30 years. My grandfather, Jim Grant Sr., was selling used cars in 1962 when a man who owned a carwash came onto the lot looking to buy a vehicle.  Little did Papa know, but that man would change not only his life, but the lives of his son's and grandchildren. That day the man left without the keys to a new car; however, my grandfather left with the keys to a new carwash in Cleveland.   My grandmother was less than pleased, especially since they lived in East Ridge.   Papa drove back and forth to Cleveland seven days a week for 17 years until he sold his first carwash and bought what is now the East Ridge Carwash.  The new location featured the latest technology - a tunnel car wash. Papa invested a great deal of effort into developing the new system, and became instrumental in pioneering the tunnel car wash system in the Southeast.  In 1988, he added a full service oil change center next door and brou...

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Why We Blog:

Author: Administrator | Date: 06/15/2011 | Category: General | Comments: 1

I went to Home Depot last week to pick up some supplies and as soon as I walked in the door, the first thing that caught my eye was a board advertising “Do It Yourself” classes. I liked that concept for a couple of reasons. First, there are several things that I wish that I knew how to do but have never been instructed on. Laying tile is one example. I would love for someone to educate me on how to lay tile and Home Depot offers to do just that. If I knew how to lay tile properly then I would rather do that myself as opposed to pay a professional to do it for me. I always feel empowered with knowledge regardless of the subject. As such, I want to use this tool to educate our clients or any car enthusiast on how to properly care for their vehicles so that they may feel empowered as well. Second, I like the concept of interacting with other people on a personal level to pass that knowledge on. Car care and auto detailing specifically, is something that our entire staff ...

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